Monday, July 6, 2009


July 6, 2009


While having my morning cup of joe, for some reason the uproar over lobbyist came to mind.

The idea that special interest, through their lobbyist, would try to influence our representatives and senators has received much attention in the media. There is a loud cry to stop this activity; by lobbyist, of course!

But are lobbyists necessarily bad? In general, I think not. If the lobbyist is there trying to insure that our basic, natural human rights are maintained, then they are not the evil creature displayed in the media

The means to stop illegal activity already exist. First and foremost is the lawmaker’s moral code which will not allow him to be influenced by accepting special favor. If the lobbyist offers the lawmaker special favor, then perhaps the lobbyist are guilty of bribery and should be prosecuted accordingly.

More importantly are the consequences faced by the lawmaker who accepts special favor. They too are guilty of criminal activity and should at the very least be removed from office.

That’s where we the people come in. That is our power. Criminal activity or even immoral activity by our elected officials should never be rewarded with reelection.

Where do we draw the line? Is a business lunch to discuss civil rights that is paid for by the lobbyist worthy of disgrace? Maybe not if it is at the local restaurant. But what if it includes a private jet ride to have lunch in Maui? The best option is for everyone to maintain high principles, to pay for their own way and avoid ANY perception of misdeed.

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