Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swedish Hospitality

I was in Copenhagen a couple of years ago and heard a little abouth this. I also visited Malmo Sweden, a very historic and beautiful city. Travel between the two cities was easy as there is no customs, just open borders.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Read before you speak

When I ask people in discussions about this bill, most have not read it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simple is the Solution... now what's the question?

Capitalism is not the problem. The problem is
corruption and lack of law enforcement. DC and Wall Street are so intertwined it's like they are two divisions of one entity, each helping the other to do their job in a manner that is mutually beneficial. Who was helped by the bailouts? Wall Street executives. Who conducted the bailouts? Ex Wall Street executives. Who was complicit? Blatantly, two congresses and two administrations, but there has been less blatant collusion for a century. Due to their corruption, Government is the problem.

Capitalism is the methods used to capitalize on situations available in the environment that has been created in which to operate. However, though the environment is technically the same for all, some are allowed to operate outside that environment and operate in a manner that would be illegal for you and me. It is illegal for them too, but they know they won't be brought to justice, and if they are, the justice will cost less than their profit. Government is the problem.

Capitalism is not the problem. Government's original role was to protect individuals' rights. To intervene when other individuals or entities violate those rights through fraud, theft, physical harm, or whatever. Transactions can be freely undertaken by and between individuals and other entities. Each party can know the details of the transaction and decide to enter into it or not. When one party does not uphold its end of the bargain, the government must intervene, otherwise the government has no business in the transaction. Instead, the government tries to legislate transactions and alter the environment under which these transactions can take place. Government is the problem.

Take, for instance, health insurance. The government and the insurance industry, along with the AMA and the pharmaceuticals industry, set up a system that would dictate how people would get medical treatment. The AMA said, "No chiropractic, no Eastern medicine, no homeopathy". The pharmaceuticals said, "Vitamins are bad, drugs are dangerous and need to be prescribed". The insurance industry said, "We need to create an environment that causes all insurance purchases to go through employment so we can sell big policies to large groups instead of small policies to little people. It must be tied to employment since that is where most of the healthy people are". The government said, "Ok. We'll regulate drugs to increase the cost, we'll disallow treatments not approved of by the AMA in order to create a monopoly, and we'll give tax breaks to people who buy their insurance through work". Government is the problem.

A different kind of example, the Department of Education. "We think all children should be vaccinated; if you don't get all your students vaccinated, we can't line the pockets of the pharmaceuticals and we won't send you any of that money your state sent us in taxes, so DO IT!". "We want all kids to be in school, regardless of their ability, their desire, or their demeanor. Therefore, we will pay you for each child you can get to say 'present' each day. The more you get, the more we pay. If you expel Big Bad Billy Bob, we will pay you less. Go ahead and let him disrupt class and terrorize other students, just MAKE SURE HE GETS TO CLASS!". "We decided that we want no child left behind. The way we will accomplish that is to ensure that you allow no child to forge ahead, thus leaving others behind. We will implement this plan with certain tests. Your job is to teach the kids how to pass these tests; if they learn something along the way, great. If you don't do what we tell you, we will close your school, so DO IT!". Question. Once we achieve 'No Child Left Behind', and everyone gets a college degree, who will pluck chickens? Government is the problem.

The more laws our government passes, the more corruption we can (and do) have. These laws that are written to guard against these capitalists are aimed toward the little capitalists to keep them from competing with the big capitalists. The big capitalists are nice people; they volunteer their time to help government by actually drafting these laws against themselves! They even help congress to create the loopholes they need in order to operate unencumbered. How nice is that! The more laws our government passes, the less freedom we have to make our own choices. They help us by telling us we can't buy Penicillin without their permission. The help us by giving us a tax break on insurance, as long as we buy what they allow, from whom they allow, with the terms they deem appropriate. Politicians allow this to happen. Government is the problem.

If government had little power to control people or economics, she would not have any currency to bargain with when the lobbyists come knockin'. Corruption must have a currency or it can not be transacted. If we lessen government's power, we lessen corruption by the same degree.

Using one of the examples above, what if the federal (and state) government did not collect or distribute tax money for, or make rules for schools? The county would have to collect money for school funding and it would directly affect those who are paying for it. It would be much more efficient, right now we send $100 to DC and get $60 back. If this were all done at the county level, it would be $99. Then, if Johnny is a bad kid, we could kick him out of school and send him to chicken-plucker school, or carpentry school, or whatever would work best for him. Simple is the solution.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deficits are illeagal, immoral, and unethical

I read this question (the actual question is the last sentence):

"History is unfolding right in front of our eyes, in excruciating slow motion. Economic and financial records are being broken every day, it seems. Consumer prices plummeting. An unprecedented housing market collapse. Huge companies going out of business overnight. Dizzying price movements in the stock markets. The old saying "Who'da thunk it"

In case the previous question was not hypothetical:
Two answers are Ron Paul - as far back as 2002, and Peter Schiff - as far back as 2006 (find the videos on YouTube). Paul was laughed off the Presidential debate stages and Peter Schiff was laughed off the Financial shows (before the tanking economy).
I appreciate this person's discussion of the causes of economic calamity and the result of money printing (not shown), but this is not an 'iced tea on the porch' conversation; in the words of Joe, "This is a big f*$^@ing deal"! Think of it like this. For all intents and purposes, this started in earnest with Reagan, enabled by Nixon:
* Nixon removed the last vestiges of the gold standard from our currency ("We are all Keynesians now"). He installed the air pump on the giant jumping balloon for the kids to play in, but he did not turn it on.
* Reagan turned on the air pump by borrowing gobs of money (by '80s standards)
* Bush Sr. cranked up the voltage
* Clinton left it alone (He had a negative deficit, but not from spending cuts. That was the boom)
* Bush Jr. cranked up the air some more. That helped for years, but then we started running out of source air, so he added another pump then said Bye Bye
* Obama said Hi Hi and added another pump, two capacitors and a turbo-charger. The atmospheric pressure on the outside of the tent/balloon went to 0.1; which is not a vaccuum. So if matter exists in the source, it can be extracted but it takes a lot of pumping to extract that last bit of air out of the fed.

So now the balloon is aired up, even if precariously so, and the economy is functional for most. But what happens when the tent starts to deflate again and there aren't enough pumps to keep it pumped up? That's when the inflation will really kick in because their solution is to print money (pump air). A teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee makes the coffee taste sweet. A teaspoon of sugar in Lake Superior makes an empty teaspoon. Dilution will happen for dollars, and when that happens, the tent is coming down on the heads of the cute little children and they won't be nuthin nobody cin do bout it. (What to do about it on request...)

Will it happen this year? Not before December at least. Turns out, President Obama has an extra pump hidden in his trunk! Come September, he's going to pull it out and hook it to the tent, then it's pedal-to-the-metal! The extra pump I speak of is the rest of the $787B stimulus. Elections hinge a lot on the economy, so I expect the economy to get one last boost in September. Then our source air will be completely extracted and the dollar will fail next year.

Deficits are illeagal, immoral, and unethical, and those who don't understand that are deficient in basic arithmetic. Or corrupt. Someday I may break down a transaction to its simplest terms and explain it; but not today.