Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to prevent a civil war...

Check out this video and the thoughts on how to prevent the civil war back in the 1860's. Now that's thinking outside the box!
Ron Paul Blog: Ron Paul is too human to be a Republican !

Monday, March 30, 2009

Daylight savings

Wise old Indian reflects on Daylight Savings Time

"Only white man would believe you could cut off top of blanket, sew it to bottom of blanket, and have longer blanket."
I found this link about the Jew -Muslim issue.


Hurt Feelings

Once again some wimps (U.K.) have succumbed to the Muslims being offended and have ignored history.. Once again, history did not intend to offend them, that's their problem. But they know if they cry about it, wimps will back down and say the Holocaust did not happen. Aren't the Muslims in an eternal war with the Jews? I will see if I can find a reference for that.

I have been to a concentration camp in Germany, I have seen the ovens. I have seen the ashes of Jews and other humans in jars on a shelf. I saw the graves, including one mass grave of 1500 people, that were marked with headstones of each county and how many were buried there. (The U.S.A. had two fliers die in this camp).

The following is graphic.


Friday, March 27, 2009

"assault weapon" ban

Much of what I talk about will be the U.S. Constitution. The Second amendment is vital to the survival of our nation. It was put in the constitution to allow us to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. And as always, the second is under attack. Hillary and others say we must reinstate the assault weapons ban because of the drug wars in Mexico. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ACTIVITY SOUTH OF THE BORDER!

First of all, for those of you that think you know what an "assault weapon" is, let me make sure you are correct.

Many folks are under the impression that they are the fully automatic rifles you see on TV and the movies. This is the impression the people who want to ban firearms want you to have. In reality, the weapons they are hell bent on banning are the semi-automatic rifles in the same calibers as hunting and sporting rifles. But maybe they have a folding or expandable stock, a thumb hole in the stock or a flash suppressor. In other words, cosmetics!

Automatic rifles have been highly regulated for decades. You can own them in many states, but you must obtain a Class three firearms license from the ATF. This involves a very extensive background check that takes about a year to complete, and it is costly. The number of automatics available is limited.

So who is going to purchase one of these to sell to a drug cartel? The answer....NO ONE!

The cartels reportedly have grenades, grenade launchers, and automatic weapons. These re only available to the military. So if they all come from the USA as Hillary says, then they must have been sold to the Mexican government with permission from our government! So how did the criminals/terrorist/drug cartels get them? Can you say corruption?

We must no longer allow our great county to be the whipping boy for every one's problems...IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!! Our politicians and mainstream media love to beat up America and it must stop!

Hillary says the drug problem is the U.S. is the reason for the violence. More on that in a future post.