Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leter to the Editor

I submitted this to a couple of local papers. I haven't seen it published and have not received any reply; but then again, I really don't expect to.

June 30, 2009

What does the future look like with Cap and Trade?
What is the cost?

As President Obama said, “Utility rates will necessarily skyrocket”. Scary.

One report I saw said the average family will see $1500.00 a year increase in utility bills. And those of us in Arizona pay more than the average. This is just what we need in these tough economic times.

Then there is gasoline, going up 74% according to one report, 28 to 68 cents according to another. Not only ours, but the fuel for the trucks bringing our food to the store, the gas to the pump and everything else we use. Prices go way up and are passed along to us.

These numbers might be higher or lower, nobody knows. It is not only the direct cost we will pay, but the embedded cost as well.

Our basic necessities will consume our entire budget. Our lifestyle will be gone. No longer can we take the family to the lake for a great weekend of fun; can’t afford to drive there much less run the boat. (Can’t sell the boat though, no one else can afford to operate it either.)

Want to go golfing? That cart we use must be charged with the high priced electricity. Fly to Disney World with our kids? Ticket cost go up, a jet takes a lot of fuel. The hotel has to pay a lot more for their electricity and supplies so they must pass the cost on to us.

That is if any of these businesses are still operating. Many will have to close their doors, golf courses, airlines, theme parks, movie theaters and on and on. Entire industries, like general aviation could be gone. And of course this leads to more unemployment. The shift to so called green jobs will not be able to absorb all the newly unemployed workers.

Don’t forget that there are those in the federal government who want to control the thermostats in our homes. Is this the first step to that goal? And they will mandate the energy rating of your home. You won’t be able to sell YOUR house if a federal agency does not give you approval.

This is a huge expansion of government that takes or controls our personal property. (The largest taking of personal property is taxes and this is a huge tax). And right around the corner is the next huge tax, socialized medicine. When we lose our personal property or give the government any control, we lose our freedom.

What does the future look like?
What is the cost? FREEDOM!

Please get involved, contact our senators and tell them to vote NO on cap and trade.

Bill Bulgier

Queen Creek, AZ

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  1. Good explanation of how this will trickle up and will affect even the most prosperous. We need good people running for office, people who respect this Country and not be bought off by special interest, and deal makers. People who know that this Country is magnificent and needs to be saved from the Socialist, Marxist, and the uncaring. Someone who can possibly explain to the unwashed and the uneducated there is another way. Someone who understands the Constitution and will not pass of their own interpretation of what freedom means. Someone who can explain to the masses that a rich man does not mean a bad man, or that big business is not bad business. Stop the unionization of our Government, that should never be an option. Give people the means to work, not collect. We were not founded on the mantra, I want, you should give. I hope this gets published, it is clearly laid out to the American people and can be understood.