Friday, August 27, 2010

Letter to the Editor, EV Tribune

This was published, at least online, except the second to last paragraph.

As we come closer to the primary elections, it is time for serious thought on how we vote. “We the People” are the only protection the US Constitution has and we must diligently exercise our right to vote in protecting our republic.

With our often hectic lifestyles, our family and professional obligations, it is often times hard to keep up with all the issues or for that matter all of the politicians. Depending on which media we watch or read we can get different slants or spins on any issue. Unless we have been following each of our incumbent politicians, as we should be, we may only have their professionally produced marketing commercials, (otherwise known as political ads), the different spin of the media and talk show host who support or oppose these incumbents to base our vote on. The same is true for challengers. But with the incumbent we can always look at their record. is an excellent source of information about bills members of Congress have introduced, cosponsored and how they voted. You can find bills you agree with and bills as you don’t agree with. By reading the bills your senators and representatives support, you can ascertain their view on our individual freedoms and our inalienable, constitutionally protected rights. Even if the bill hasn’t gone anywhere been voted on, passed or failed, it gives you insight into the incumbent’s way of thinking.

Here are three examples I have found that give me pause for reflection: senate bill S3081 (violates the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments), S3002 (takes away freedom of choice and puts big brother in charge of your health) and house bill HR2380 (a carbon tax). There are many more examples for each member of Congress, investigate and decide.

Be involved, make informed decisions! (don’t let a “R” or “D” make your choice)

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