Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stuck accelerators

enough America

I am tired of hearing about this horrible problem with Toyota cars. Stuck accelerators! Give me a break. PUT THE TRANSMISSION IN NEUTRAL! Problem solved.

The incident in California, where the 61 year old driver put the life of a highway patrolman in danger because the driver "thought his car would flip if he put it in neutral", is indicative of the lack of knowledge and ability to think for themselves of allot of people in this country. HE called 911, like someone at the other end of the phone could help him! (The 24 year old operator did tell him to put the car in neutral.) Stop expecting big brother to take care of you.


How about the car dealer who had an accelerator stick on his vehicle several years ago who threw his young son out of the vehicle then jumped out himself! GIVE ME A BREAK!

I just learned of an incident where an acquaintance of mine stopped to help a stranded woman on an interstate highway. She told him her accelerator stuck (don't know what brand of automobile), she put the transmission in neutral and pulled to the side of the road. WOW!

Maybe this 61 year old is making up this incident for the attention, or have an excuse to sue Toyota.

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