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The Cost is Freedom I

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December 12, 2009

The current hot topic in our nation is the “health care debate”. Let’s look beyond the talking points on this subject and look at the true meaning of this and other government programs.

The real issue is the massive expansion of the Federal (central) government. The greater the growth (expansion), the greater is the lose, or more accurately, the theft of our individual freedom! This taking, and in some cases, surrendering of our freedoms has been in the works for many decades but accelerated to Mach 2 during the last administration and has hit light speed under the current congress and administration. Let’s take a quick peek at a couple of the recent failed programs.

The $787B stimulus plan is reported to have saved or created about 650,000 jobs. That is over $1.2 MILLION per job! That’s government efficiency for you! The job numbers are easy to claim, but hard to prove. An across the board tax cut would have allowed business to create REAL jobs and actually stimulating the economy.

Cash for Clunkers. This was concocted to help the US automakers (the unconstitutionally government owned GM and Chrysler) increase sales. Most of the sales went to Toyota. Have you seen the videos of the many fine cars destroyed by this program? (Here is one example; you can check it out on YouTube )
I am leery of a government that sees fit to destroy; this is an indicator that governments only consume, they do not create. And who was hurt most by this program? The folks who need dependable transportation and cannot afford to buy new vehicles. The very people the liberals/progressives allege to champion!

I could go on, but back to health care. We need true free market competition and fair taxing of benefits to have real health care reform.
The ridiculous amount of regulation that restricts our ability to choose the health care that meets our individual/family needs has been around and growing for the past 40 years or so. What is the cause of this and other government programs. The lobbyist? NO! The corporations? NO! It is the politicians who accept “campaign contributions” and other perks from the lobbyist/corporations and pass laws and alter the tax code to benefit the politicians’ donors. They no longer care about what WE THE PEOPLE have to say. (Although this is true for many of the AZ congressional delegation, it is not true of all politicians; there are a few honest ones.)

Even if the bill is passed without a single payer option, don’t buy into it. The government hates competition and can easily regulate to kill any competition! (Remember, they can rewrite the bill at 3:00 AM!) Think about the voucher program in Washington DC. The students who received vouchers and attended private schools were far more successful than their counterparts in the government (public) schools. The government didn’t like this competition and canceled the voucher program. Do you think heath care or any other government program/operation will be different? I say NO!

The Federal government has limited powers defined by the US Constitution and it does NOT include health care, business ownership or bailouts. Our elected officials took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, yet they knowingly violate that oath on a regular basis.

The dollar amount of debt we are passing on to future generations can never be repaid. Why? The current and future politicians will only add more entitlement/spending programs adding to the mammoth debt, unless we replace these politicians with (as Samuel Adams said) virtuous leaders.

Now, let’s look at what you and I owe now. The US debt now stands at about 12 Trillion ( a trillion is one million million!) That means EVERY US Citizens’ share is approximately $39,000! Here is a link.

This year the US deficit hit approximately $1.4 trillion, up about $1 trillion from 2008’s $486 Billion (1000 million). Per US Citizen? About $4500 each.
That means our US Government has put all of us in debt for about $43,500 EACH. I don’t have that much extra cash, do you?

But wait, there’s more! Let’s add in the cost of “healthcare reform”. Estimates I have seen are between $1,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion) and $2.5 trillion over 10 years. It would also cut $500 billion from Medicare. Your and my share? Between $3000 and $8000. Now, add that to the total from above.

WE THE PEOPLE are the only protection the US Constitution has. It is time we step up, cut the fat and find leaders who will take the tough steps needed to return us to Liberty, individual freedom, opportunity and prosperity.

The real cost of this explosive expansion of government is nothing less than FREEDOM!

Bill Bulgier

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